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Rental Lease Agreement Form

A Rental Accomodation Agreement is a format contract between the Landlord, i.e., owner of a property and the tenant, the renter of the property. The tenant wishes the possession of the property for a definite period. The agreement is valid till the termination of the contract or if one of the parties violates the terms of the agreement.

Draft Rental Lease Agreement: The Rental Agreement is also known as the Rent Deed or the Lease Deed. This deed contains the basic details of the residential property, its owner, renter or tenant, terms of the rental agreement, and the rent charge for the said term.

Purpose of the Rental Agreement

How to make an online Rental Agreement? The applicant must draft a Rental Agreement in written or typed form. The drafted Rental Lease Agreement must be attached with stamp paper. Before one jumps to renting a property of their choice because of location or lower rent charges, he must prepare a rental agreement to prevent any potential conflict with the property owner. It serves two purposes:

·         Ensures the integrity of the property for the Landlord

·         Protects the settler's rights as a tenant if he gets tangled by any illegitimate demands by the Landlord

Types of Rental Agreement

Online registered house rent Agreement format: There are generally two types of rental agreements prevalent in India. The first one is a Rental Lease Agreement. The validity of this agreement is for a minimum of 12 months. This agreement is defined under the Rent Control Laws of the individual State Government. The second one is a lease and license agreement format of up to 11 months. This agreement doesn't fall under the Rent Control Laws.

Contents of a Rental Agreement Certificate

Legal Docs Online Rental Agreement Registration format: Typical contents of a rental agreement include:

·         Names of the Landlord or his representative

·         Name of the tenant

·         Detailed Description of the rented accomodation

·         Rent Amount

·         Due date of payment

·         Grace Period

·         Late Charges

·         Rent Payment Mode

·         Rent Agreement Termination Methods before the Expiration Date

·         Security Deposit Amount

·         Security Deposit Amount account details

·         Utilities furnished by the Landlord

·         Charge of such utilities

·         Mode of utility charge determination

·         Tenant's entitlement for using offered facilities such as swimming pool, security systems etc.

·         Rules and regulations of the rented accomodation, such as pet rules, noise rules, violation, etc.

·         Parking Availability

·         Parking Spaces details

·         Procedure for Tenant Repair requests to the Landlord

·         Procedures for emergency requests to the Landlord

Security Deposit

Anywhere in India, when you purchase accomodation on rent or lease, you must pay a security deposit to a security deposit or advance to the Landlord. This amount will be refunded to the tenant when he choses to leave the rented premises. This amount can also be used for rented site repair if any damages occurred on account of the tenant when he was leaving there.

The security deposit amount is usually anywhere from 3 to 10 months of the monthly rent. The Landlord can utilize the amount, partly or wholly, towards any damages caused to the tenant. The damages can be to the furniture, appliances, or structure of the rented accomodation.

If the amount is not fully utilized or not used at all by the Landlord, then he will refund the amount and repay it to the tenant. The remainder of the security amount can also be repaid to the tenant if he choses to cancel the contract.

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