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    Note:- This information is based on public domain only and not to be used for legal purposes if there are any discrepancies.
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    Company Search

    Company Search is a tool where you can find exhaustive information about a registered company, its directors, registered trademarks, charge details and company’s addresses. All you have to do is select the type of information you want to access about a company from the drop down menu, type the company’s name in the text bar and hit the search tab and the requested details will be displayed on the page. This search tool is designed to fetch the user complete details of a registered company. You will be given access to most of the regulatory information about a business entity including its CRN (Company Registration Number), date of incorporation, its directors, its activity status, charge details, trademarks etc.

    There are more than seventeen lacs companies registered in the country with over 49 lacs registered trademarks, details of each of these entities can be accessed using the company search tool. In case of registration and incorporation of a new company under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), you can decide for the name of your new business using the Company Search tool. With this, you can check whether a company name is already registered or not. By taking a comprehensive look at the companies that might have the same name as you, or even show remote similarity, you will be able to decide upon the right name for your enterprise. If you need any assistance about company incorporation, or need assistance with using this utility, contact our experts at Registrationwala.

    INR 6,499/-


    • Trademark Application filing
    • Requirements for registration : Logo, Adhaar Card and POA
    • TAT : 24 Hrs
    Most popular
    INR 9,999/-

    Private Limited Company

    • Ideal For : Startups and Small Companies
    • Requirements : 2 Shareholders/Directors
    • Time Taken in Incorporation : 7-8 Days
    Starting @14,999/

    Legal Metrology

    • Use : For Weight & Measurement and Packaged Commodites
    • Requirement: Pan, Adhaar, and GST
    • TAT: 10-12 Working Days

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