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    Company Search

    Company search is a tool where you can find information about a registered company, its directors, registered trademarks, company address and other details. Finding the necessary details about a company is mandatory to avoid any legal penalties in future.

    In India, there are over 1.51 million registered companies. Out of these, over 1.5 million companies are limited by shares and 296 are unlimited liability companies. -Statista report of January 2023.

    So, for any new company choosing a unique name, trademark, etc. is important and they can find all the information about existing companies through a search tool. The MCA company search is a crucial step before registering any company.

    At the Registrationwala website, you get an MCA company check tool to fetch the registered company's details. You can access the regulatory information about a business entity including its CRN (Company Registration Number), date of incorporation, its directors, its activity status, charge details, trademarks etc.

    How to Use Company Search Tool At Registrationwala?

    To find the details of an existing company, choose the name, address, Director's name or trademark from the drop-down and type the name in the search bar section. You can run the company details check through the tool of Registrationwala.

    Search the character, words or any letter related to your company name in the search bar. For example: if you want your new company name to be "ABC Private Limited", then search ABC and all the companies that already exist on the name will appear. If there is no company related to your name, choose your selected name but if there is an existing company, choose another name and follow a similar process to find a unique name. Through this company name search tool, you can also search the director, trademark or address of the company.

    MCA Company Director Search

    Select the option "Director" from the drop-down to search company by director name and then search for the name of the Director or just type the starting letters of the name. The full name and the DIN (Director Identification Number) will appear, click on it. The following information will appear:

    • Name of the Director
    • Director in how many companies
    • DIN number
    • Company Name and CIN
    • Location and the status of the director (active or inactive)

    Company Address Search

    Set the tool at the address, and then type the letter of address, pincode, and anything related to the company's location. The address will appear, with the pin code, state, and country. Click on it and the CIN (Company Identification Number), Name of the company and complete address will appear.

    MCA Company Trademark Search

    The trademark is an important part of the business that helps customers identify the brand among many businesses. Through the trademark search, you get to know the businesses that already exist in the market with the same name. It also protects your brand name from infringement.

    To do the TM search, choose the trademark from the drop-down and type the letter or word of the name. The related search will appear about the protection activation of the trademark or class. Click on the search result and the following information will appear.

    • Class, and type of the trademark
    • Date and location of trademark registration
    • Protection status
    • Date of application
    • List of documents
    • Proprietor of the trademark

    FAQs About Company Registry Search

    Q. What are the guidelines for choosing a business name?
    For finalising a name for your business, follow the guidelines of the MCA and the guidelines are as follows:
    • Avoid the name that already exists to avoid confusion or offence, choose a distinct name.
    • The abbreviation of PVT LTD must be added to the end of the name.
    • Check the name under trademark.
    The types of companies chosen can depend on the jurisdiction, below are some common types of company incorporation structures:
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
    • Corporation - C Corporation or S Corporation.
    • Joint Venture
    • Public Benefit Corporation
    You can easily check the name of any company online through the company brand name search tool of Registrationwala. Follow the process to check whether the name is available for your company in India or not.
    There are multiple reasons behind the rejection of the name and these are that the name is offensive, a plural version of the existing name is used, separate and joined the existing name, use tenses or numbers in the name.
    INR 6,499/-


    • Trademark Application filing
    • Requirements for registration : Logo, Adhaar Card and POA
    • TAT : 24 Hrs
    Most popular
    INR 9,999/-

    Private Limited Company

    • Ideal For : Startups and Small Companies
    • Requirements : 2 Shareholders/Directors
    • Time Taken in Incorporation : 7-8 Days
    Starting @14,999/

    Legal Metrology

    • Use : For Weight & Measurement and Packaged Commodites
    • Requirement: Pan, Adhaar, and GST
    • TAT: 10-12 Working Days

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