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To build the trust of customers in your measurement techniques, having an ISO license is a must. And, this is where Registrationwala came to help you obtain the license.

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ISO 10012:2003 Certification Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Grant Of ISO 10012 Certification

What is ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India?


The ISO 10012:2003 certificate in India is meant to satisfy the measurement management system. This certification is something that you need to prove to your customers that whatever you are measuring is the right one.


This certification is something that is not necessary, but something that most business opts for. The purpose of this certification is to satisfy the measurement management systems for further certifications.


Therefore, if you want to gather the trust of your customers regarding your measurements, this is the certification that you are looking for.

Though an optional certification, the ISO 10012 is an important one as it entails the following benefits:

  • It makes that the quality of the measurement management systems is up to the mark.
  • This certification makes it easier for you to get your hands on other forms of certification.
  • The ISO 10012 is more of a guidance document rather than an actual certification. To that end.
  • The certification helps you gain the trust of your customers in your measuring equipment
  • It provides a quantitative analysis of the quality of measurement management systems.


Eligibility Criteria for ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

Before applying for ISO 10012 Certification, you must train in your respective ISO standard or must check the following points:

  1. Must have documents of methods that are followed to confirm the measuring equipment and devices.
  2. Must evaluate the calibration system on a periodic basis through internal audits and management.
  3. Other suitable procedures must be in place for any non-conforming measuring equipment.
  4. Must follow the labeling system for unique identification of measuring equipment.
  5. Must follow the procedure to handle, transport, or store to prevent any misuse, damage, or change in functions.
  6. Must have the procedure to calculate uncertainties.


Documents Required for ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

The following documents are required to file the application for ISO 10012 Certification are as follows:

  1. Address proof
  2. Copy of the PAN card
  3. Company Letterhead
  4. Copy of sales bill and purchase bill
  5. Visiting card
  6. Company profile


Process of Obtaining the ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

An ISO certification does not have any core organization to issue the certification. To that end, external organizations provide you with the certification.

An ISO registration can be done online and if you’re looking for an online registration then Registrationwala can help you. The process we will help you with is as follows:

  • First, create an application or contract, which will be between the applicant and the registrar.
  • ISO auditor will check the manuals and documents of all the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • The auditor will suggest you all the gaps. After that, your company should create an action plan to fill those gaps.
  • After that, the initial certification audit will be done in two stages
    • Stage 1: The auditor will check the changes made by the applicant to find the get the non-conformities in the system and procedures.
    • Stage 2: The final auditing will be done to check whether the non-conformities have been completed or not.
  • Once the product completes all the ISO standards, a report will be made and sent to the registrar.
  • Lastly, if your product completes the ISO standards, you will obtain a certificate.


Our Assistance to Get the ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

Registrationwala will provide you with the following services in regard to getting the ISO 10012:2003 certification:

  1. Select the type of certificate
  2. Collect all the documents and comply with the requirements
  3. Help you draft the approval
  4. Obtain the ISO certification

To ensure that your business keeps up with the ISO 14001 standard and is able to attain customers' trust, reach out to our ISO experts.


FAQs About ISO Certification

Q1. Who provides ISO certification in India?

The ISO certificates are issued by a third-party body based on the international standards developed and published by the ISO. As the Ministry of MSME issues ISO certificates for 9001:2015.


Q2. How many ISO certifications are there in India?

In India, there are around 22521 International Standards, which are covering most of the industry from technology to food. But some generic certifications are ISO 9001 and ISO 140001. 


Q3. What is the highest ISO certification?

The ISO 9000 family has the best quality management standards for all sizes of companies and organizations.


Q4. Why is ISO important to companies?

An ISO certificate helps your product to improve customer satisfaction and get a competitive edge. It ensures that the business is following the right practices.


Q5. Is ISO certification mandatory in India?

Yes, ISO certification is mandatory because it ensures the international quality and safety standards of your product. Also, it reduces the risk of business failure. 


Q6. Which companies require ISO certification?

Multiple businesses required ISO certifications, but most companies are related to manufacturing, cyber security and digital assets, environment, and energy management.

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