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What is ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India?

ISO 10012:2003 Certification

Get ISO 10012 is the ISO standard is meant to satisfy the measurement management system requirements. This certification is something that you need to prove to your customers that whatever you are measuring is the right one.

The ISO 10012:2003 certification is something that is not necessary, but something that most wide business opts for. The purpose of this certification is to satisfy the measurements management systems for further certifications.

Therefore, if you want to gather the trust of your customers regarding your measurements, this is the certification that you are looking for.

Though an optional certification, the ISO 10012 is an important an important one as it entails the following benefits:


  1. It makes that the quality of the measurement management systems are up to the mark

  2. This certification makes it easier for you to get your hands on other forms of certification.

  3. The ISO 10012 is more of a guidance document rather than an actual certification. To that end.

  4. The certification helps you gaining the trust of your costumers in your measuring equipments.

  5. It provides a quantitative analysis of the quality of measurement management systems.

Eligibility Criteria for ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

Before applying for ISO 10012:2003 Certification, you must train in your respective ISO standard.

Documents Required for ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

The Documents that are required to file the application for ISO Certification are as follows:

  1. The copy of the PAN card

  2. A Passport Sized photograph

  3. A copy of the Voter Identity Card (that would be your address proof)

  4. Two copies of the sales or purchase bill that is done by your company.

Process of obtaining the ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

An ISO certification does not have any core organization to issue the certification. To that end, external organizations provide you with the certification.

  1. We will assist you with the framing of measurement management system

  2. We will also assist with the auditing of that system. 

Registering with Registrationwala will allow you to get this certificate in a cost-effective manner.

Our Assistance to get the ISO 10012:2003 Certification in India

 Registrationwala can assist you with the registration by providing you the following services:

  1. Selection of certification type

  2. Document aggregation

  3. Draft approval

  4. ISO certification


To ensure that your business keeps up with the ISO 14001 standard and is able to attain customers trust, reach out to our ISO experts.

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