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If you’re a broadcaster looking to uplink or downlink satellite television channels in India, you need the approval of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Registrationwala can help guide you to get the license for Uplinking and Downlinking of television channels in a hassle-free manner.

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Uplinking and downlinking process

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Application filing
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Application Assessment
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Grant of Uplinking/Downlinking permission

What is Uplinking/Downlinking in India?


Uplinking refers to a communication channel to transmit messages of electronic nature to a satellite. Downlinking, on the other hand, means the communication channel used to receive the electronic messages coming from the satellite.


Why register for Uplinking/Downlinking services?

If you’re a broadcaster, you must get authorization to uplink and downlink the satellite television channels. The government of India understands this need. This, along with the realization of fast-evolving broadcasting technology, changes in the current market, and the operational developments that have paved the way for the growth of the broadcast sector, has made our government come up with Uplinking and downlinking Policy Guidelines, 2011.

As per those guidelines, all the stakeholders involved with this industry can come forward and register for uplinking and downlinking of television channels (primarily news channels) at the Broadcast Seva Website.


Pre-requisites to apply for Uplinking/Downlinking registration in India

There are three aspects of Uplinking and downlinking that you should keep in mind before you apply for registration.

Setting up a Teleporter Hub

Teleport or teleport hubs are units that broadcasters use to beam their TV channels to the satellite.

Application for Uplinking

Uplinking is the communication channel to transmit messages to the satellite.

Application for downlinking

Downlinking is the communication channel to receive messages from the satellite. Thus, considering the above three, you need to file three applications to register for Uplinking and Downlinking.

Registrationwala, with its access to the government sector and technical expertise within the information broadcasting sector, can help you acquire Uplinking and downlinking license in India. And all you need to do is pick up the phone and contact us.


Eligibility Criteria for Uplinking /Downlinking Registration in India

The following are some of the criteria that the permit applicant must observe to apply for the Uplinking Downlinking permission with the Authority:

Business Registration

The applicant should be a registered business entity in India.

Net worth Requirements specific to Companies

The following are the net worth requirement of that company:

  • For the first Teleport: INR 3Crore
  • For each additional Teleport: INR 1 Crore
  • For the first non-news & current affairs TV Channel: INR 5 Crore
  • For each additional non-news and current affairs TV channel: INR 2.5 Crore
  • For the first news and current affairs TV channel: INR 20 Crore
  • For each additional news and current affairs TV channel: INE 5 Crore

Foreign Direct Investment

The foreign direct investment in the company or LLP should be as per the FDI policy of the government of India.


Eligibility applicable to Uplinking

Ø  The applicant should disclose the application to all the shareholders

Ø  The applicant must disclose the name of any foreigner employed by it

Ø  The applicant company’s operational independence and resource control should be competent. It should also possess the financial strength to run a current affairs news channel.

Ø  The main head of the company should be a resident Indian.


Eligibility applicable to Downlinking

Ø  The applicant has to provide the details of the directors of the company.

Ø  The applicant has to furnish the details thoroughly.

Ø  The applicant shouldn’t have been priorly disqualified from filing the application

Ø  The downlinked channel should have a prior license from the appropriate broadcast or licensing Authority in the transmission country.


Documents required for Uplinking Downlinking Registration in India

Every Uplinking Downlinking permission aspirant must attach the following documents to further their application for a successful assessment by the Authority:

Ø  Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant company

Ø  Memorandum of Association of the applicant company

Ø  Articles of Association of the applicant company

Ø  List of directors of the applicant company

Ø  List of shareholders of the applicant company

Ø  Board Resolution to apply for Uplinking/Downlinking registration

Ø  Audited Balance Sheet of the applicant company

Ø  Employee details of a Non-resident Indian Employee

Ø  Complete Details of the employed equipment

Ø  If there is a foreign direct investment, provide the FDI details as per the FDI policy

Ø  A document showing the complete technical details of the equipment(s) that are being used (specifically for downlinking and distribution)

Ø  Block Schematic Diagram for downlinking

ØRecords for the past 90 days


Process for obtaining the Uplinking Downlinking registration in India

The process of obtaining an Uplinking and Downlinking registration in India is simple and is as follows:

1.    Draft and compile the required document obtaining an Uplinking and Downlinking registration in India.

2.    File the application as per your requirement with the application processing fee.

3.    The Department will assess the application.

4.    You'll be issued a letter of intent if you’re deemed financially, legally, and technically eligible for registration.

5.    Receive the letter of intent and deposit the permit fee for the first year and the performance bank guarantee.

6.    Get the rights for Uplinking and downlinking for five years.

Note: As the name suggests, the permit fee for Uplinking and downlinking has to be paid annually.


How can Registrationwala help you get Uplinking Downlinking permission in India?

Registrationwala provides end-to-end assistance when it comes to Uplinking and downlinking permission.

Our services include:

1.    Managing your documents to file the application

2.    Filing the Uplinking Downlinking application

3.    Follow up with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to ensure your application is favorably processed

4.    Getting you the Uplinking and Downlinking rights

Thus, if you seek to be a broadcaster willing to provide tv channels in India, reach out to Registrationwala, for we are your one way to get the rights to legally do so.



Q. Can you brief us on the Uplinking and downlinking process registration in India?

A. The simple procedure is as follows:

Ø  Compiling the documents to file the application

Ø  File the Uplinking Downlinking application

Ø  Follow up with the Ministry to ensure effective application procession

Ø  Receive the Uplinking and Downlinking rights from the Ministry

Q. Who issues the uplinking downlinking registration permit in India?

A. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Q. What is the net worth requirement for applying for uplinking downlinking registration for a single teleport in India?

A. Three crore rupees for the first Teleport

Q. Is the pre-installed Teleport necessary to obtain the Uplinking Downlinking license in India?

A. Yes

Q. Is the process for obtaining the uplinking permit the same as the downlinking permit?

A. Yes, the procedure is the same, with slight variations in the required eligibilities from the applicant. 

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