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Appointment Letter Format in India


An appointment letter is a formal document that a company sends to a candidate if it feels that he or she is apt for the position. Usually, in a company, Human Resource Department is usually commissioned to issue such letters in a company.


If you are not clear about this concept or want to know much better about it, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the appointment letter, the steps to write one, and how to organize the content within it.

What is an Appointment Letter?

Simply put, An Appointment Letter is a document that confirms a candidate's employment. After a successful interview and the due process of candidate assessment, the Company issues an appointment letter to the candidate. Post such letter issue, the candidate is given some time to review and negotiate the terms and conditions with the Company, like pay and leave encashment. If the negotiations are successful, then the HR department will issue the official job appointment letter to the candidate.


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Writing an Appointment Letter

After discussing the basics of an appointment letter, let us look into what constitutes appointment letter writing:


Formal Letterhead

An appointment letter must have a formal letterhead to make it official. It must include the candidate's name, contact information, and issuance date at the top of the letter.

Formal Greetings

An appointment letter must include a greeting using the candidate's official name. The name must be preceded by a salutation, such as 'Dear', 'Sir', or 'Ma'am'.

Para-writing Styles

While writing the letter's content, you can use the following approaches:

  • Traditional Paragraph Style: Content is written in full sentences
  • Modern Style: Key sections are listed as bullet points but include small paragraphs

Role Offering

In the introductory para, the letter must formally include the prospective candidate's offer. The Offer must include the candidate's official job title.

Job Role Description

An appointment letter must briefly describe the candidate's role and responsibilities in the next paragraph.

Mentioning Joining Date

In an Appointment Letter format for Indian Companies, they include the candidate's starting date. The Company includes the date in the letter discussed with the recruit during the interview or job offer stage. The letter must also include a brief reference to their conversation.

Working Schedule

The appointment letter format document indicates the inclusion of the working schedule of the offered job. The working schedule includes expected daily hours with the start and end time and the expected weekly hours. The letter must mention if the role is full-time or part-time.

Salary of the Employee

The job appointment letter format in India dictates the inclusion of the official salary for the job position. The salary must be discussed during the job offer and negotiation stage. Also, the letter must include essential parts of the gross salary, such as pension plans, gratuityinsurance plans, etc.

Additional T&Cs

For a private company, the appointment order format indicates the inclusion of all the other important additional terms and conditions, like the dress code in the office, towards the end of the letter.

Letter Closing

The appointment letter must be closed by stating if the candidate needs to sign the document at the end. The letter must also include the deadline for acceptance or response to the letter in the closing lines.

The Appointment Letter model or format in India is available for download on this page. You can also refer to this for the consultant appointment letter format prevalent in India. 

Difference between Offer & Appointment Letter

Although the offer letter and appointment letter pretty much means the same to us, and they are, but there are some differences.

An Indian Offer Letter format employed by the Company informs the potential candidates that they have been found suitable for the position. So, it is the first official document sent to the candidate from the Firm. It does not confirm the appointment. Whereas an Appointment Letter is issued only when the candidate affirms that he wants to accept the job offer. Also, an offer letter typically contains the generic information discussed during the interview, whereas the information is very detailed and specific to the role in an appointment letter.

You can check out the joining or appointment letter format in MS Word, available free for download and attached to this page.

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