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Memorandum & Articles of Association Format

Memorandum of Association

A Memorandum of Association or MoA of a company is its charter. It is a legal representation prepared during a company's formation and registration process to define its relationship with shareholders, and it specifies the Company's objectives. A company must operate in accordance with the objectives and organizational structure mentioned in the Memorandum. Therefore, the Company must fallout from the MoA in terms of its activities in the market.

A Memorandum of Association dictates the provision, rights and duties of the Company's personnel and associates, such as the shareholders, promoters, creditors and directors. The MoA also comes in handy while steering decisions for the Company's operations, investments, and future. A shareholder can refer to the Memorandum while investing in the Company's shares.

Articles of Association

An Article of Association (AoA) is generally referred for the Company's internal management. This means how a Company sustains within its structure. It contains rules and regulations that specify the duties, rights, and powers of the Company's management workforce.

What are MoA and AoA in company registration?

An MoA defines the Company's objectives, whereas an AoA prescribes the procedure to be followed while achieving the Company's objectives. The Company drafts the Articles of Association to define the relationship between the shareholders and the Company and among the shareholders. The Article of Association contains the regulations regarding the following:

  • Share Capital
  • Transfer Of Shares
  • Voting Rights of the Shareholders
  • Appointment Of Directors
  • Accounts
  • Company's Audit

MoA / AoA Format

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has defined the format of the MoA under Table A - E of the Companies Act of 2013. The format of the MoA depends upon the type of Company. Whereas there is no such format for the AoA of the Company. It is the serial detailing of the guidelines on various topics concerning the Company's internal management.

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MoA / AoA Content

Content: Memorandum of Association (MoA)

 The Memorandum of Association (MoA), as per the Companies Act of 2013, consists of the following clauses:

Name of the Company

This clause defines the nomenclature of the Company for all its types.

Registered Office of the Company

Thic clause states the official address or the headquarters of the Company and its dedicated branches.

Object Clause of the Company

A single company’s objectives can be varied. Therefore, in MoA, you can further divide them into subcategories, such as:

  • Primary Objective: It states the Company's main business, i.e., the intent for setting up the Company.
  • Incidental Objective: These objectives are ancillary to the main objects of the Company.
  • Other Objectives: Any other objects which are not covered under the above objects but Company can pursue.

Company’s Liability

It states the liability of the Company's members. Depending upon the Company's business model, it can be limited or unlimited liability.

Capital of the Company

The capital clause defines the nominal capital of the Company. i.e., the maximum capital which a Registered Company can raise.

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Content: Article of Association (AoA)

The Article of Association of a Registered Company contains the rules and regulations of the following clauses:

Share Capital Clause

The share capital clause defines the regulations on the following:

  • Share Capital Subdivision
  • Call on Shares
  • Shares Forfeiture
  • Shares Transfer
  • Share to Stock Conversion
  • Shares Surrender

Directors Appointment

This clause concerns the following details about the Company’s Directors:

  • Appointment of the Director(s)
  • Remuneration of the Director(s)
  • Qualification of the Director(s)
  • Powers and Duties of the Director(s)

Dividends and Reserves

This clause details the rules and regulations regarding dividend distribution and reserves among the Company’s shareholders.

Accounts and Audit

This clause contains the provisions regarding Account Book maintenance and audit procedure of the Company

Company’s Borrowing Powers

The powers of the Company for borrowing funds from outside are defined in this clause.

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