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Resignation Letter Format in India

Resign... Sounds serious, right?? Well., it is. A person is choosing to end his tenure in a company. It is the unwinding of years of an established relationship. But, the resignee has his reasons. The reasons for resignation can be many. So, let us not go into that. Let us focus on the part of how to intimate the employer about the resignation of his employee from his Firm. A matter as serious as this shall be done in a proper well-defined manner. This issue must be dealt with sensitivity. The resignee must intimate his resignation in a formal manner, i.e., by writing a letter. Now let us talk about that.

Resignation Letter Format in India: A Resignation Letter is an official letter that an employee sends to his employer. The Letter notifies the employer that the employee will not be working in the Firm. In simple words, the letter writer is quitting the Firm.

The primary intent of the resignation letter is to create an official notice record. This notice must detail the company about the following details of the quitting employee:

  • His last working day
  •  Further course of action
  •  Maintaining a healthy relationship with the employer post-resignation 


How to write a Resignation Letter?

Resignation Letter Format Document

Most Industry Professionals generally agree that resignation letter format must be shorter. The shorter it is, the better. Although necessary to provide the proper reason for resignation, a formal letter must be crisp and concise and not contain details. Remember, it is just a notice to refer to. The company’s HR will get in touch with you. Therefore, be direct and professional, and outline only necessary information while writing the resignation letter.


Simple Points to remember:

Letter content must be crisp and concise

The employee must be direct and to the point. He must precisely mention that he is quitting the Firm in the first paragraph, better in the first sentence.

Exude professionalism in your writing

The employee must not complain, insult, or criticize the company or other employees while stating his reason for quitting the Firm. It will sound unprofessional.

Intimate your last day at the Firm

The employee must mention the date he agrees to work till in the Firm.

Suggest your replacement at the Firm

Th employee, in good spirit, can offer help to find his replacement in the Firm. Leaving a team creates a void which must be filled in before the quitting employee’s last day. You can suggest a co-worker who will or agrees to finish the projects and tasks from your desk.

Proofread the Draft before sending the Letter

The employee must thoroughly proofread the Letter before submitting it. He must make sure that all information is accurate. There must be no typos in the Letter.

Seek Legal Advice in case you need one

If needed, the employee must seek professional legal advice from a Reputed Advocate regarding the resignation process. 


Format of a Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Format Document

The below-described letter template will help you in effectively writing your resignation letter.

Letter Content

Add all your details and contact information in the Resignation Letter. Also, never copycat any downloaded template. You must write the Letter in the prescribed format in your own words describing your situation.

After drafting the Letter, spell-check it, and finally submit the Letter via email or in person.

Letter Template

Resignation Letter Format Document

Employee Details

Employee’s Name

Employee’s Street Address

Employee’s City, State, and Country

Employee’s Phone Number

Employee’s Email Address


Today’s Date


Employer Details

Company’s Contact Name

Company’s Title

Company’s Company Name



Dear <Employer Contact Name>

Letter Body

First Paragraph: Introduction

Second Paragraph: Main Body

Third paragraph: Closing the Letter



Image of Signature / Signature



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