Security Deposit Refund Legal Notice Edited

[Your name]

[Your present Address]



[Landlord’s Name]

[Landlord’s Address]

Subject: Deposit for [Your name], formerly of [Your old address]

Dear [Landlord’s Name]

I was formerly your tenant at [Your old address], which I vacated on [date that you vacated the premises/ termination of the lease] pursuant to and recorded with my lease dated [date of the lease]. Unfortunately, I have not yet received the return of my security deposit in the amount of Rs [Security deposit amount], for that rental property.

You, as the landlord, are required to return to me, as the tenant, within thirty days of [date that you vacated the premises] the following:

i) My full security deposit

ii) Written notice of damages and itemisation of deductions and the balance of the deposit.

Because of have failed to send either, you have forfeited your right to withhold any portion of my security deposit.

Please send the cheque payable to [Your name] and [your roommates that were on the lease at the same place], in amount of Rs. [Security deposit amount] to my address listed above within 10 days of your receipt of this letter. If you fail to comply with this demand, I will have no choice but to file suit for the recovery of the security deposit, plus treble damages, court costs and lawyer’s fees.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please d not hesitate to contact me at

[Your contact information]. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Your Signature]

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