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Transforming Ideas Into Greatness

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Process Copyright A Symbol

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Publication of Symbol
Step 5
Grant o Copyright Registration

Copyright A Symbol in India

Copyright A Symbol

How could we wrap a discussion on copyright without discussing the all-important symbol which defines copyright? A symbol which is a warning to plagiarists to stay away from the content their eyes are on. Copyright is denoted by a simple symbol which is an encircled capital C. Some countries have got rid of this symbol altogether but in most part of the world, it continues to be significant. There is an international convention, Universal Copyright Convention adopted in Geneva in 1952, which recognizes this symbol.

Eligibility Criteria for Copyright A Symbol

Make sure that your Phrase or Slogan is an original one, that’s the only eligibility criteria to obtain Copyright A Symbol.

Documents Required for Copyright A Symbol

In regard to Copyright A Symbol following documents are need

  • NOC of the Producer
  • NOC/Agreement of the Artists involved

Process for Copyright A Symbol

The copyright registration process for a Symbol is a long one, and it involves a lot of legal requirements. However, all of that can be compressed into the following points:

  1. Perform a copyright registration search to see if the Symbol of the same name, content and nature is already copyrighted
  2. File the application for copyright registration along with a copy of the work you want to copyright.
  3. Wait for the copyrighted material to be published
  4. It shall stay in the journal for a while.

Once you get the copyright registration, the benefits come then. However, the time it takes for the process to be completed can take even years.

Our Assistance to file the Copyright A Symbol

We, at Registrationwala provide end to end solutions for Copyright A Symbol. Our services include:

·         Collection of information and starting the process

·         Drafting the application

·         Reviewing the draft and making changes if necessary

·         Filing the application of Copyright A Symbol

Registrationwala.com is a leading legal consultancy firm providing the comprehensive services relating to Copyright A Symbol.

Contact us to copyright a Symbol.

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