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DSC registration process

Step 1
Application filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
DSC registration

Digital Signature Certificate in India

Digital Signature Certificate is a digital key provided by a certifying authority and is used to sign the documents you submit to government websites digitally. This key contains the information about the key-holder like the following:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Pin Code
  • Country

Purpose of DSC

For any service that requires you to file a form and submit it to the government website, you now need to have a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). The services for which you require the DSC are as follows:

DSC is useful for ip services, e-tenders, AR filing and business registration services

  1. Company Registration Services
  2. IP Registration Services
  3. Return Filings
  4. Obtaining Government Tenders
  5. Almost all types of business licensing services

You can obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) through Registrationwala without lifting a finger.


Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate in India

Following are the benefits of getting a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate):

Benefits of digital signature certificate in India

  1. You don't have to sign every document you submit to the government physically.
  2. Your personal data remains secure.
  3. It proves that your submitted documents are authentic.


Types of DSC in India

There are two types of DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), but the difference is based on how they are used.

Types of DSC in India are Class 2 and Class3

Class 2 Certificates

Class 2 certificates are the Certificates for e-Filing services with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). For a person to file a Company's annual returns, obtaining a class 2 DSC is necessary. Furthermore, it is mandatory to obtain DoT OSP Registration, IP registration, Company Registration and other Registration services.

Class 3 Certificates

The Class 3 DSC is used in online participation or bidding in e-Auctions and online tenders throughout India.

Who is eligible for DSC registration in India?

The MCA can authorize only a select few individuals for the Digital Signature Certificate registration. The following individual entities are allowed to apply for the DSC application on the official MCA portal:

a list individual entites that are allowed to apply for dsc registration

  • Company's Director
  • Company's Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Members of ICAI, ICSI, and ICWAI
  • Practising Professionals 
  • Business's Authorized Representatives
  • IEPF's Nodal and Deputy Nodal Officers 

DSC Services

The DSC applicant can apply for various DSC services on the MCA portal other than the registration. Such services are readily available to all users on the MCA official website. The services include:

  • DSC Registration
  • Registration renewal after DSC expiry
  • Registration renewal before DSC expiry
  • DSC registration for Principal Contact

Pre-requisites for DSC Registration

The applicant, prior to the registration, must fulfill the following criteria to ensure successful DSC registration:

  • The applicant must register on the portal and gain a user ID and password.
  • The applicant must download and install the designer utility. You can download the utility while DSC registration also.
  • The applicant must plug the USB token procured from a Certifying Authority into the computer.
  • The token must be a Class 2 or 3 DSC Certificate.
  • The to-be-registered DSC must be in the active service period and isn't revoked.


Documents Required for DSC in India

The documents required to obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) are as follows:

  1. A duly filled DSC Application form
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Address Proof

We Assist you with the DSC registration in India

Apply Online for Digital Signature Certificate 

  1. Document collection
  2. DSC application filing
  3. We get the DSC
  4. We deliver you the DSC



Q. How to apply for DSC online registration?

A. To apply online for a digital signature certificate, refer to the process section of this page.

Q. Is class 3 DSC applicable in Bhubaneswar?

A. Yes. Both classes of DSCs are applicable.

Q. Where can I buy the online DSC application form in India?

A. You can buy digital signature DSC online in India from the MCA portal.

Q. Where can you buy Digital Signature Certificate online in India?

A. You can avail of the Digital Signature Certificate from the official MCA website. One must first register on the website for the online application for DSC registration. Therefore use the provided login credentials to get a digital signature online.

Q. How can one buy Digital Signature Certificate online?

A. You cannot buy the DSC. It is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. First, you need to register for the DSC application.

Q. Where can I get a Digital Signature Certificate form?

A. The DSC registration is an online process. But you can visit the MCA portal to look at and download the required form. 

Q. How to get the Digital Signature Certificate?

A. To get the Digital Signature Certificate, you have to apply online for DSC registration.

Q. Is there a digital signature agency in Bhubaneswar?

A. To get your DSC in Bhubaneshwar, you can avail of Registrationwala services online. You need not visit any local premises for this purpose.

Q. Where can one avail of online application for DSC?

A. To register a digital signature, one must file the digital signature online application with the MCA.

Q. How to get DSC certificate?

A. To DSC certificate online, the applicant must register itself at the MCA online portal.

Q. Where can I get to register DSC for my company?

A. You can visit the to gain some assistance regarding DSC registration.

Q. Where can I download the Digital Signature application form?

A. Downloading the DSC online application form is no use because the DSC registration is purely an online process. 

Q. How to get Digital Signature in India?

A. To learn about the 'Apply for Digital Signature Certificate' process, kindly refer to the process section of this page.

Q. What is Digital Signature Certificate?

A. Digital Signature Certificate is a digital key provided by a certifying authority and is used to digitally sign the documents you submit to government websites.

Q. Where can I buy an online Digital Signature Certificate?

A. To buy a DSC signature certificate online, the applicant must first register itself at the official MCA portal. The process of application for Digital Signature Certificate is purely online.

Q. Where to file the digital signature application online?

A. The online application form for DSC registration is available on the official MCA website.

Q. What is the Digital Signature Certificate price in India?

A. Connect with the Registrationwala to learn about the DSC registration cost.

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