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Whether it is company registration, IP registration, or return filings, you need Digital Signature Certificate for every form that you file and submit to a government site. Registrationwala can get you Digital Signature Certificate quickly.

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DSC registration process

Step 1
Application filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
DSC registration

Digital Signature Certificate in India

Digital Signature Certificate is a digital key provided by a certifying authority and is used to digitally sign the documents that you submit to the government websites. This key contains the information about the key-holder like the following:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Pin Code
  4. Country

 For any service that requires you to file a form and submit it to the government website, you now need to have a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). The services you require DSC are as follows

  1. Company Registration Services
  2. IP Registration Services
  3. Return Filings
  4. Obtaining Government Tenders
  5. Almost all types of business licensing services

You can obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) through Registrationwala without you even lifting a finger.

Benefits of DSC in India

Following are the benefits of getting DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

  1. You don’t have to physically sign every document that you submit to the government.
  2. Your personal data remains secure.
  3. It proves that your submitted documents are authentic.

Types of DSC in India

There are two types of DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and the difference among them is based on how they are used.

  1. Class 2 Certificates: Certificates for e-Filing services with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). For a person to file the annual returns of a company, it is necessary to obtain a class 2 DSC. Furthermore, it is mandatory to obtain DOT OSP Registration, IP registration, Company Registration and other Registration services.
  2. Class 3 Certificates: The Class 3 DSC is used in online participations/bidding in e-Auctions and online tenders throughout India.

Documents Required for DSC in India

The documents required to obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) are as follows:

  1. A duly filled DSC Application form
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Address Proof

We Assist with DSC registration in India

  1. Document collection
  2. DSC application filing
  3. We get the DSC
  4. We deliver you the DSC

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