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Become a NASSCOM Member

If you run an IT company, collaboration is your key to growth. With over 2800 national and multinational members, NASSCOM has a wealth of experience, talent, market, and innovation that you can tap into by getting NASSCOM Registration.

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NASSCOM Registration


India is on the path of digital revolution. Every IT company is excited about it, and every venture capitalist in interested in it. Presently, Indian IT sector is worth more than 180 billion US dollars and we are rapidly moving towards ONE TRILLION. However, it has only been made possible because of collaboration. Your IT entrepreneurial dreams can get crushed even before starting if you don’t have the right eye of talent, right might of innovation, and right awareness of the market. You can have them all, but you need collaboration. NASSCOM provides an answer

NASSCOM is a non-profit body and chamber of commerce for the Indian Tech Industry. Made up of 2800 members companies (both national and multinational with Indian presence) and still increasing,  NASSCOM is a haven for IT industry. With nearing 10000 startups, NASSCOM has a goal, and it’s to push India’s IT sector by providing:

  1. Talent to increase the skill of the Indian IT workforce
  2. Trust to increase general interest in IT sector
  3. Market to increase the audience for your IT products
  4. Innovation to bring digital change in India.
  5. Inclusion to bring  social change in India.

NASSCOM membership is a way for your IT company to be the member of that non-profit organization. By getting NASSCOM registration, you’ll collaborate with other members. In doing so, you’ll open several venues from which opportunities for:

  1. Better marketing
  2. Better talent
  3. better trust and
  4. better profits

will flow into your business.

The result of it will be that your dreams of growth will be realized.

Registrationwala is like you. We are tech-driven business consultants who want to bring talent and social change to India’s digital atmosphere. Therefore, we are help you get NASSCOM registration and become a member of Technological revolution that started in 1988. Once you become a member by paying NASSCOM registration fees, it’s valid for 1 year after which you’ll have the option to renew it.

Partner up today and begin your journey towards growth through association.


NASSCOM registration process is as simple as it comes. As the whole process is online, you only need to:

  1. Go to the NASSCOM website.
  2. Select the option to Become a Member
  3. Choose your required membership
  4. Fill the membership form,
  5. Upload the documents required by NASSCOM registry, and
  6. Wait for the approval.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be prompted to pay the NASSCOM registration fees. The NASSCOM registration cost varies from membership to membership. To choose which one is best for you, consult with our experts. They can help you find the membership that has the maximum NASSCOM registration benefits.

Eligibility of NASSCOM Registration

All who are the NASSCOM listed companies adhere to the following criteria:

(business process management) products or services.

NOTE: Companies that aren’t IT BPM Companies themselves, but provide

services/support to IT BPM Companies can also become an institutional member.

affiliated with IT BPM companies can become institutional members. These firms


Documents required

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Articles of Association
  3. Audited Balance Sheet for non-startup companies.
  4. Certificate of projected turnover for Startups
  5. Corporate Deck that will include:
    1. Founders Profile
    2. Product
    3. Customers Details
  6. Additional documents like business licenses (if you have specific business licenses to sell/manufacture/provide specific product/services)

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