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Prove to MCA that your company is active

File eForm INC 22A at just INR 1,999/-

Companies Registered before 31st December 2017 have to file the eForm INC 22A to prove to the MCA that they are active. Registrationwala can help you with such compliance regardless of where you are in India.

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INC-22A ACTIVE Form Fees


INR 1,999 /-

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INC-22A ACTIVE Form for Companies

For any company that has been registered before or on 31st December 2017, it is mandatory to file eForm INC 22A. This form is also called the ACTIVE eForm. ACTIVE is short of Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification The purpose of filing this eForm is to tell the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) that the your company is still active.

There are lot of nuances involved with filing this form. Not filing FORM INC 22A ACTIVE before the due date (15th June 2019) because if you don’t, there are several penalties that you should be aware of. 

Why wait and invite penalties from MCA? Registrationwala professionals can help you with filing this compliance on time and you can go on going your business without worrying.

Penalties of not filing eForm INC 22A

If you don’t file eForm INC 22A before the prescribed time, then you would have to face the following penalties:

  1. Late fees of INR 10,000/-
  2. Company is going to marked ACTIVE Non-Compliant in the MCA registry
  3. You won’t be able to file the following forms
    1. SH-7: Notification of change in share capital.
    2. PAS-3: Form for the return of allotment.
    3. DIR-12: details of KMPs and directors.
    4. INC-22: Changing the registered address.
    5. INC-28: Court order notice under competent authority.  

Documents Required for INC-22A ACTIVE Form

Following are the documents required to file eForm INC 22A ACTIVE:
1. Longitude and latitude of the company’s location.
2. 3 photo graphs of the Company’s headquarters: 1 external, 1 internal and 1 internal with the Director of the company.
3. DSC of the Director
4. Details of the director(s), Company secretaries and KMPs (Key management Personnel). 


Companies that have been registered before 31st December 2018 are required to file eForm INC 22A.

The last date of filing INC 22 A is 15th June 2019.

The eForm INC 22A needs to be self certified by the director(s) of the company. 

EForm ACTIVE is the latest compliance mandatory for companies incorporated before 31st December 2017. Its purpose is to show MCA that the company is active.

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