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Annual compliance is an important facet for a One Person Company if it wants to have a good legal standing in the eyes of the law. Failing to adhere to the compliances will lead to penalties. Therefore, get in touch with Registrationwala and get compliant today.who can you.

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One Person Company Annual Compliance Process

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Annual Compliances for One Person Company

As the name suggests, an OPC or One Person Company is a business format where a single person owns the company. There is no more than a single director or more than a single member. Being a single-handled company, an OPC is easy to manage. If you are an entrepreneur who seeks singular success, you can register as an OPC in India.

Formal definition of an OPC

The definition of a One Person Company is explained in Sub Section 62 of section 3 of the Companies Act, 2013, which states: "One Person Company means a company which features only one Member." Therefore, unlike a Private Limited Company, this single company registration of a single owner doesn't need a minimum of two directors. However, like a private limited company, the online One Person Company Registration in India does provide you with Limited Liability.

Types of OPCs

OPC Formation can be done as an:

there are three types of OPC : OPC limited with Guarantee ,OPC limited with Share Capital,and OPC unlimited company

  1. OPC limited with Guarantee
  2. OPC limited with Share Capital
  3. OPC unlimited company

Why choose the One Person Company model for registration?

After the online registration of a One Person Company in India, there are the following benefits that can be enjoyed:

the benefits of opc model are limited liablity , separate legal entity, and fewer compliances

Limited Liability: As the business entity is a company, the entrepreneurs have their assets protected from the company's failings.

Separate Legal Entity: An OPC Company is a separate legal entity from the owner.

Fewer Compliances: The number of compliances for a One Person Company is less.

Filing Annual Compliance of an OPC

Being compliant with the rules that have been set up by the companies act is important for you if you want to make sure that your standing as a One Person company is a good one. To that end, you need to file some compliance on an annual basis.

If you are not compliant, not only will our company lose legal standing, but it will also be penalized. These penalties are of varying natures. At the same time, you might want to defer the compliances because of the initial relaxed nature of the penalties. As time goes by, and if you are still not compliant, the intensity of the penalties will increase.

Eligibility Criteria for Annual Compliance for OPC

If you're a one-person company, you must file the annual compliance required. There are no eligibility criteria other than being a One Person Company.

Documents required for filing Annual Compliance for OPC

The documents required for the annual compliance are as follows:

Documents that are required for annual compliance are Pan Card of the Directors of the Company, Identity Proof of the Directors of the Company, Memorandum of Association,and Articles of Association

  • Pan Card of the Directors of the Company
  • Identity Proof of the Directors of the Company
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association

Process for filing Annual Compliances for OPC

The process of filing the annual compliance for OPC is as follows:

the procedure for annual compliance included Information Collection for Compliance filing, File Compliance Application form online, and Application Submission and Assessment

Information Collection for Compliance filing

Start collecting the information required to file the One Person Company's annual compliance

File Compliance Application form online

Go to the official website of MCA and start filling out the required compliance forms on schedules specified in the ministry guidelines.

Application Submission and Assessment

Submit the application and wait for the notification that tells you that your compliance has been processed.

Our Assistance in filing the Annual Compliance for OPC

We at Registrationwala provide end-to-end solutions for filing annual compliance. Our services include:

  • Collection of information and starting the process
  • Creating the first compliance draft
  • Reviewing the draft and making changes if necessary
  • Filing the compliance is a leading legal consultancy firm providing comprehensive services relating to Annual Compliance for OPC.

To start filing your annual compliance, reach out to us now.


Q. Is it mandatory to file Annual Compliance for OPC?

A. Yes, the OPC compliances filing is mandatory for every incorporated One Person Company.

Q. What is the eligibility for the Annual Filing of OPC in India?

A. The eligibility of an OPC annual filing is as follows: If you're a one-person company, you must file the annual compliance required. There are no eligibility criteria other than being a One Person Company.

Q. Where can I find assistance for the Annual Filing of OPC company?

A. To file OPC ROC compliance, the company must check its OPC eligibility. To avail of some assistance in annual compliance filing, you can connect with Registrationwala. We will help in submitting the annual report of OPC company.

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