What are the Requirements for OSP Registration?

  • October 26, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What are the requirements for OSP registration? Well, there are many general and other requirements for an OSP. These requirements not only make sure that you get the registration but also help you keep the license in the long run. Furthermore, with our aid, you are going to get this registration in no time. Read on to find out if you meet the requirements for OSP registration.

As each day passes, the distance between the world’s greatest powers is decreasing. The reason surrounding the sudden decrease is the introduction of call centers and other similar business infrastructure. However, without proper registration, none of that would have happened. This registration, the OSP registration is the matter that we are going to focus on today. Therefore, the topic presented in this blog is- what are the requirements for OSP registration?

Terms of OSP registration

These conditions that are required for an applicant might also be called the Requirements for OSP registration. Understanding these conditions is of utmost importance to you if you want to move forward:

  1. The only entities that are entitled to OSP registration are the ones that are incorporated as a company. That means, only a business entity governed under the company’s act 1956 can get this form of registration.
  2. Only a company may apply for registration to the authority from time to time in the Performa prescribed to it.
  3. The documents that are required to be submitted at the time of registration application are as follows:
    1. Mandatory Documents with the mandatory information
      1. Certification of incorporation of the company that is issued by the Registrar of Companies
      2. Memorandum of Association
      3. Articles of Associations
      4. Board resolution of Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory. This will also entail the attested signatures of the members of the board
      5. A note that details the nature of business or activities to be conducted by the proposed OSP.
    2. Mandatory documents with information different than mandatory information
      1. List of the directors of the company that are presently active
      2. Shareholding pattern of the company that details the equity details

All of these documents are to be attested and should have a seal certification from a company secretary, public notary, statutory auditors or the directors of the company.

  1.  The registration depends upon the location. Therefore, it is possible for a company to have more than one registration. If there are any changes in the location, then necessary changes should be made in the original registration to reflect that change.
  1. In case of multiple registrations:
    1. The applicant has to apply for the application to convenient DOT near one of the proposed OSP sites.
    2. Once the applicant has gotten the OSP registration for one site, then they can apply for registration in subsequent sites as well. In such matters, the only document needed to be submitted for the subsequent registrations are:             
      1. The OSP registration for the first site
      2. The Certificate of Incorporation of the company

This document submission will be valid for a year. After one year, the rest of the documents are to be submitted.

  1. If the OSP is proposing to either change a POP or add another POP, then it has to inform the Authority about it.
  1. Along with the application of registration, it is mandatory for the applicant to pay INR 1000/-. The way to provide this payment will be through Demand Draft from a scheduled bank. This demand draft will be made in favor of the Accounts Officer of the Registered Authority.
  1. The registration is valid for 20 years unless it is stated otherwise in the registration letter.
  1. The registration period can be extended by a period of 10 years at one time if it is deemed practical. The way to do is to make a request to the Authorities in the 19th year of the registration period.
  1. If there is any change in the address of the company, then it is the duty of the OSP to inform the authorities about the changes. If only the address is changing, a mere request to the TERM cell is enough. However, if there are changes to the network diagrams, then only after authentication and within one month, these are required to be submitted in order to inform about the address changes.
  1. It is the TERM Cell that carries the Inspection of OSP to see if the compliance is followed properly. This happens mostly once a year. However, if there are uncontrollable matters that deem investigation to be necessary, then the inspection can happen at any time.
  1.  Each TERM cell will maintain a separate list of OSPs that are using infrastructure sharing or EPABX partitioning.
  1. It is necessary for the OSP to submit their Network Diagrams to the TERM Cells both at the time of DOT OSP registration and on an annual basis. If there are any changes in the diagram, the OSP has to intimidate the authority about the changes without any delay.

Now, these are “almost” vast requirements associated with OSP registration. Therefore, you should leave the matter of OSP registration to the experts of Registrationwala.


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